100% ORGANIC COFFEE Give Thai Coffeefarmers a livelyhood for life. ROASTED FOR TASTY PERFECTION Tasty coffee out of a good heart


Taste the rich, intense flavor of our coffee

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01Organic and Direct Trade

Sela&Co coffee is 100% organic Arabica coffee of superior quality. It is grown at an altitude of 3,300 feet, which is ideal for growing coffee. The shade trees at the fields ensure the right conditions for the plants to grow slowly so the natural sugars in the coffee beans develop fully. This results in a coffee with a rich and intense taste.

The ordeal of an coffee roaster: This is one of the most elegant beans I have ever roasted. The beans were very emerald green before roasting, beans were sorted very well,it was obvious. The bean rounded beautifully, opened up just like a budding rose, the “pop” really surprised me.The aroma of the Dark Roast is woodsy, cinnamon, slight caramel and the flavor reminds of Dark chocolate, caramel, nutmeg and cinnamon.


02Family life restored

Several years ago a coffee business was establised to help the Karen tribe in North of Thailand to create an income. The government has forbidden the Karen to cut the woodsin order to make ricefields. The area where they live is a Nature Reserve and the government want to protect the forest. This is very good of course but for the Karen it created the problem how to sustain themselves. As a result many men go to the cities to find work. This is very disrupting for their families. The seductions of the city like drinking, luxury and an immoral lifestyle are great. The money they earn is often already spend before they can send anything to their families. Growing coffee in the mountains gives them a possibility to stay together as a family and to earn an income. At the moment there are about a 100 farmers associated with Sela&Co Coffee.


03Quality improvement

Sela&Co Coffee is also training the farmers to improve the quality of the coffee. Studymaterial is developed so that the farmers know how to treat diseases of the coffee plants in a organic way.

Fair Chain

Eerlijke koffie van boon tot kop

Sela&Co koffie is 100% eerste kwaliteit, organische arabica koffie. Het wordt verbouwd op een hoogte van 1000 meter, waardoor de beste koffie verkregen wordt. De schaduwplanten waaronder de koffie groeit zorgen voor de juiste omstandigheden.


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